“Arizona Happy Homes”

You will see, this is not your typical real estate site with property listings and browsing button to search the local MLS. You can do that with Zillow and then call me, I am almost on every search page in my area and happy to show and sell you your dream property.

What this site is, and evolving into, is an educational interactive platform where you find the most information about Arizona and its many treasures. Over time this site will grow with videos, interviews and resources about not only the current housing market, but also what businesses and services are available or are needed here in our Rim Country (so called because of the long running Mogollon Rim).


Arizona is/was called the 5 C State

Arizona is known as the “5 C” State standing for Copper, Cattle, Climate, Cotton and Citrus. This was important for the labor market in the last century, then consisting mainly of agriculture, ranching and mining.

Today, Arizona is the fastest growing economy in America with ample technology jobs available from computer-related fields, environmental industries like solar components and farms, to jobs in the defense sector.

But Arizona is also an ideal place for vacationing, retirement or simply for relaxing in nature, as well as clubbing in Scottsdale. Everything is here. You have 200+ golf courses to choose from, beautiful 5=star Resorts, Retreats for Health and Wellness, as well as hiking, hunting and fishing galore. Did you know that Arizona has more boat licenses than California?


Weather in Arizona

And the weather in Arizona is unbeatable! From Scottsdale winters to Northern Arizona summers, from maximal $115 degrees Fahrenheit you can escape in one hour to comfortable 75 F to the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world, guaranteeing the cleanest, freshest air you can imagine.

We have four beautiful seasons and the desert “rats” living in the “Valley of the Sun”, meaning Phoenix, Scottsdale etc. bring their youngsters to the mountains to see their first snow (my Chihuahua couldn’t believe it!), to play or to go skiing, to hike or to explore the area on their snowmobiles and ATVs.


What else is there in Pine:

Where do I start? Want to see up close the famous Pony Express and get your kid his/her very own cowboy hanky handed down from the riders? They gather around February 4th  at the post office, giving the horses a break. Each rider is from a specific area, which you can see on his saddle blanket and rides approximately one mile, before he hands over the mail bag to the next rider – all in full gallop. Even as an adult it gives me goosebumps to watch this historic replay.

Not to mention the many antique shops and fairs that are going on almost every month of the year. We have top-notch restaurants – my favorite being Mike’s (a former New York 5-star chef) County Inn and Pinewood Tavern, the vegetarian delight Randall House, and the Early Bird for wonderful French Toast and more breakfast. Let’s not forget the Pine Deli on Hardscrabble Rd., it never disappoints.

My hang-out is also the Pine Fudge coffee shop next to Coldwell Banker. I meet friends there as well as new clients. Kim always has a smile and introduces guests to each other. Everybody chimes into conversations there, or is it just me?

More to come…